Identify Your Enemy

June 7, 2014

You and I are created as triune beings - we are spirit, we are soul, and we are body.  Therefore, any counseling or coaching that addresses you as a whole, the way you are created, is the best counsel or coaching you could possibly receive.  I will always be unapologetically spiritual in my approach, dealing with clients as a whole person, including Biblical/spiritual issues - as I am convinced that that is the best approach.

~Yet, some obstacles, even intense obstacles, may or may not be the direct result of spiritual activity.
~We can identify spiritual opposition by one important indicator:  if what is against you seems very oppressive - almost compulsive.
~Either way, whether our opposition is spiritual in origin, or mental/emotional, or even physical...we have to "name it".
~Why identify the enemy?
~Because resistance is usually a compass, pointing us "True North".
~Steven Pressfield's "War of Art" (Kindle edition)
~Identify your 7 biggest obstacles or enemies
~"Giants" point out where your "real estate" is located...GO GET IT.
~my email address:  Just ask for the "Identify Your Enemies" playsheet,  or type "ID the Enemy Playsheet" in your subject line.  
~Get things out of your head and onto paper
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