“What The Heck Is A Life Coach?”

July 26, 2014
Episode 7

The USA Today Collegiate article is here
Personal and business coaching is experiencing the largest growth rate across all industries.  
The ICF (International Coach Federation) code of ethics is here
Strengthsfinder.com  (I am not yet certified as a Strengthsfinder test administrator, but can give general direction if you read the book...)
Take the Meyers-Briggs assessment here
Keep in mind, the most important thing in life is your identity in Christ.  This is what I focus on, in all my personal coaching - and even small business coaching!
According to the USA Today Collegiate article, the average per-session charge for coaching is $214, and the average, client-cited ROI (Return On Investment) is 3.44 TIMES the dollar investment made!  
Please note:  this is NOT my fee.  Check my website for my coaching fee  - it is less than half the average per-session charge.
Even at the average rate of $214 per session, few other things in life or business will give you that kind of return (3.44X rate of investment).
{An aside - because I have to place value on what I do, I am now careful about who I allow to "pick my brain".  You know what I mean:  the age old, "Let me buy you a cup of coffee or lunch and pick your brain."  Unless the person you are requesting this of, is a very old very dear friend, please don't insult them by offering lunch in exchange for the many years and often thousands of dollars that person has invested into becoming someone worthy of having their brain picked.  Ask them what they charge as a consulting fee.  If they don't have a consulting fee, offer something quite generous in return.  Obviously, in close friendships, these rules do not apply.  But still respect the incredible value of the time and life experience of your friend.  And do not approach someone you barely know, but regard as an expert in a given field, and offer something like coffee and ask to pick their brain.  They likely will promptly tell you that THEY will buy YOU coffee in exchange for even HALF of what their consulting fees run, and then you can pick their brain all you wish.}
Life coaching is not counseling, therapy, or mentoring.  A therapist takes what is broken and tries to restore it.  A coach takes what is essentially healthy, and tries to take it from better to best.
Some people think life coaching is a "quack industry"...in my opinion, these are usually the same people who don't believe in the value of chiropractors, don't believe in home education, and don't believe in scandalous grace - not that I am implying that those three things are equal in value!  Because personal coaching is, as of this writing, an unregulated industry, there are quacks, of course there are.  You have to do your due diligence before hiring a coach.  Be aware it takes courage to become a coach, just as it takes courage to become a naturopathic doctor, a home educator, or a preacher of grace....you will be swimming upstream, many times.
The quality of the answer you receive, depends on the quality of the question you ask.  Coaching is all about powerful questioning.
My website is here
Two small samples of my coaching tools can be found here and here  (I have developed about a dozen other tools and journaling techniques that apply to personal and small business development.  Some of those will only ever be shared with paying clients, or with the people who sign up for my occasional newsletter.  
I think the best art is a life well lived, but if you'd like to see my visual art, you can find it here
A few of my actual client references here
My coaching offers are here
A couple of great coaching books:
Coaching Questions by Tony Stoltzfus
Training Programs (I personally, given my extensive 20 years of full time ministry experience, chose the least expensive accreditation school I could find.  I do not personally recommend any one program - you must do your own due diligence):

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