Your Divine Insteads

June 18, 2014

Welcome to episode 4 of Life and Art - Well Designed.  
In my last podcast, I touched on the importance of identifying the opposition.  This week, I talk about identifying your "Divine Instead".
~Our enemies exist to point out our "inheritance" - that piece of inner real estate that God intends to give us as sheer gift...yet, at the same time, we must take ownership of it - and often, we do that by displacing an enemy.
~A small part of my "Vision Board" - along with the phrase "Disagree with your enemy..."  can be found here.
~Most of the time, our enemy sounds like us.
~The only thing that is to identify a child of God, is the character of God, and the gifts of God.
~The key word is:  INSTEAD
~Identify your "insteads"...they are the opposite of what your enemy has tried to accomplish in your life.  (hint:  a thesaurus, believe it or not, is very helpful.  I use it all the time with my coaching clients.)
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~Many thanks to Graham Cooke for the inspiration on living in our divine instead!

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